There are a lot of barcode scanners available for smartphones. The majority of the applications are for iPhones, however more and more are coming to Windows, Android and other phones with a camera and internet access.

It’s cool, it’s fun and it’s a way for your customers to find you on their mobile device. It’s a way for them to locate your items at the best price or closest to them.

Our opinion is that the 3 best applications are ShopSavvy, Red Laser and Barcode Hero.

ShopSavvy has added a lot of great features to their scanner including a title search making it one of our personal favorites. Your customers enter in the name or manufacturer and a variety of items come up to help them narrow the search and locate the item locally (if applicable) or on-line.

RedLaser has one of the better scanners however you need to have the barcode graphic in front of you in order to scan it. This application doesn’t allow for search by name. It reads EAN, UPC, ISBN and the latest version will also work as a QR barcode reader.

As these applications become more robust and useful for users, each one of the companies who have developed these applications will make their more feature-rich.