upcbarcodes.com is your source for inexpensive EAN and UPC barcodes which may satisfy most barcode requirement from Amazon and other online resellers. We guarantee the legitimacy and the uniqueness of numbers.

All of the UPC barcode prefixes that we own are 6 digit prefixes and all predate 2002 allowing us to resell the prefixes that we own.Quoting the UCC/GS1 Settlement website:

This Settlement provides that companies who became members of UCC before August 28, 2002, are not obligated to pay membership renewal fees to UCC to maintain membership as a condition for their use of Company Prefixes issued to them by UCC, or as a condition for Basic Membership Benefits as defined in the Class Settlement Agreement.

Class members who have paid a renewal fee to UCC are entitled to compensation from a $3,895,000 settlement fund. The settlement also provides that the “licensing agreement,” which accompanied UCC renewal fee invoices, is null and void as to those who became members in UCC before August 28, 2002.

**We own these prefixes, create 100,000 UPCs from each one and after taking out any individual UPCs that were previously used, sell the remaining unused ones.

Should you go to the GS1 website to see the original registry name, it will be the original prefix holder name.

Because of the way that prefixes are listed, no matter what number you enter from the prefix (example: 123456xxxxxx), the GS1 will feed back the same information — the original prefix holder name. If you are tied into Amazon’s EDI system, you will need to have a direct relationship with the GS1 for your UPCs or EANs.  There is no other working option for this.


The facts…
UPCs from upcbarcodes.com continue to work on Amazon for THE MAJORITY of UPC customers.
We continue to sell lots of barcodes to new and old customers each and every day. We have found that less that 5% of our customers buying from Nationwide Barcode are having issues. We are not making light of this, just sharing what our research is indicating.

The following are things that may affect your ability to use UPCs from upcbarcodes.com:

1. Your product is part of the Amazon Brand Registry
2. You are bundling name brand items that have one or more National Brands
3. You are working with Amazons EDI system (If you don’t know what this is, you probably are not)
4. You are a brand new seller

These things do not automatically mean that UPC from upcbarcodes.com will not work.

Although our UPCs do work on Amazon – they don’t necessarily work for every seller. There are situations that some sellers have that create an issue with using Barcodes from a reseller where Amazon will make you jump through the hurdles of going directly to the GS1 and leasing your barcode prefix in order to generate your UPCs. This can be a very expensive proposition and we recommend Walmart.com or Google Merchant as an alternative.

Should you find that the issue with your UPC is because of someone making up a number that we sold you (Some people do this). We will gladly replace your UPCs that you purchased from us.

We are granting you permission to 

  1. Go to the GS1 site.
  2. Research the manufacturer name associated with that UPC (that we own and have 100% care and control over)
  3. Use that manufacturer name to list your products on Amazon.

As we have a strict no-return, no-refund policy, we recommend that you first buy a trial batch of 1-10 and test these with your products prior to buying larger and larger numbers.

When you purchase from us, you get BOTH a UPC and an EAN barcode number by immediately digital delivery.